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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

George Zimmerman and the Power of Bias by Megan McArdle

As readers of this blog should know by now I like to link to articles that I think exemplify objective thinking. In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial I've read a lot of articles on both sides of the political fence. I think McArdle takes a balanced approach, recognizing that no one but Zimmerman knows exactly what happened between him and Martin that fateful evening. I believe at some point in their encounter someone was going to die, either Zimmerman or Martin. If Zimmerman hadn't been armed he probably would not have survived. Of course, some would claim that if Zimmerman was unarmed he would have been more likely to leave the scene rather than risk a face-to-face with Martin. Maybe.

In any case, I recommend reading McArdle's article.

And for some background on why Zimmerman might have decided not to leave the area after he called 911 this Reuters article provides information on what happened in the days and months before the shooting. (Hat tip to neoneocon.)

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