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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tax The Rich? Good Luck With That -

When we hear certain politicians, like Obama, constantly demonizing the wealthy for their transgressions and proposing higher tax rates for this group to close the budget gap, consider what Walter Williams says in his Tax The Rich? Good Luck With That - The bottom line: this avenue leads to a dead end that falls woefully short of the declared goal of having enough funds to pay for all of the expenses in our national budget. 

This isn't top secret, impossible to find information so I can only conclude that the motive behind the incessant demonizing of the rich has other motivations than balancing the budget.

Deaths per TWH by energy source

Related to the post below about different radiation sources this link compares the rates of death of different methods of generating electricity. Deaths per TWH by energy source

Radiation Comparisons

Found this link when the Japan nuclear reactor first started to fail after the earthquake. While this is old news I like how this chart shows the relative exposures from different sources of radiation. Better late than never, right?