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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Obama Drama

Local Boston radio talk shows are devoting lots of air time to the Obama speech on racism and the inflammatory sermons of his minister. As usual Robert Bidinotto has an insightful post on the Obama speech about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright. Look under March 18, "An Elegant Farce." Lest we be accused of being racially biased (i.e., a white guy cannot understand a black's perspective) here is a column from Thomas Sowell titled "Obama's Speech." In another column, "The Audacity of Rhetoric," Sowell reveals that Obama makes a habit dating back to his college days of hanging out with radical left spokesman. Whether or not you agree with his choice of political friends the basic issue is that he cannot claim he was unaware of Wright's polemics. In fact, it's obvious that Obama agrees with Wright despite his claims to the contrary.

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