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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Dangers of Undermining Patient Choice: Lessons from Europe and Canada

The Galen Institute has posted an article with the above title that analyzes the health care systems of various European countries. It offers the strengths and weaknesses of each from a free market perspective. Here is a key quote from this document.

But consider: Clothing, housing and food also fill basic needs. We do not want anyone to be without clothes, shelter or food. Yet those sectors are organized differently from health care. We do not have the government outfitter that issues the one-size-fits-all coat. We do not have the central quartermaster who provides standardized housing. Nor do we eat the same menu in the people’s canteen. For all these very basic needs, we let the market do the trick—and, as a society, we help the poor who cannot pay market prices so they can at least enjoy a minimum level.”

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